A Festive Fun-filled Day!

Hey Friends!!

I hope everyone had the best Thanksgiving weekend with their families!

I recapped our Thanksgiving, here:

Thanksgiving Recap & Retail!

Today, I am blogging a sweet Sunday recap because it was just the best, most festive, fun-filled day!

“The best way to experience Christmas is through the eyes of a child!”

These words could not be more true! The only thing better than being a child at Christmas is being a Mommy at Christmas! I love, love, love experiencing the magic of the season through Brewer’s eyes!

The day started with a Santa visit out in the country of my hometown!

I can’t wait to see all the photos from our Santa visit! Brewer did SO good with Santa!

Then, my family came to Spartanburg! We hung out for a bit and then we took these 2 cuties to see Disney on Ice!

My family loves Disney!! My mom is a Disney fanatic and that has rubbed off on many of us! There is just something so magical about all the characters and wonder!

And the show did not disappoint! It was so WONDERFUL!

Brewer was amazed by all of the characters!! He was so focused throughout the entire show!

I enjoyed it too!! It was SO cute!!

Watch Brewer blow a kiss and wave to all of his Disney friends!

Of course the Toy Story round- up gang was his favorite! When they came on stage, he shouted, “BUZZ!”

During intermission, we took the kids to get a magic wand! I mean.. did you even go to Disney on Ice if you leave without an overpriced wand? Lol! The moment and memory was totally worth it!

Harry agreed, it was such a fun performance! It brought out our childhood too!

I have watched this little video recap so many times because it just makes me smile!

It was such a sweet memory that we will treasure forever!

And ever!!

Clear Concert Bag

Brewer’s Shoes

*I’ll be back on the blog, Wednesday!*

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