Tell All Tuesday: Girl Nights

Welcome back!!

With all of the back to school talk, routines, being busy, etc….. I wanted to talk about something fun over here, GIRL NIGHTS!

So how do we make girl nights happen when life is busy?! I think you just have to prioritize friendships!

You can check out last week’s blog post where I touched on that:

Balancing All the Things


Now, how do we go about planning girl nights and time with friends..

These are some of my best tips:

Plan Ahead! I love planning ahead to make fun day trips with friends happen! We make the best memories out exploring.

Open up your home! There is nothing like quality girl time and getting to know your people in the comfort of being at someone’s house.

Plan play dates! If you have babies & kiddos, it is so special seeing them interact with your friends babies & kiddos too!

Girl Night Outs! Sometimes you just need a girls night out. Gosh! My friends & I have the best time unplugging with a night out on the town! The fun of getting dressed up, being served dinner, and the night air. I love it!

Take the baby! We have always exposed Brewer to social settings so it’s not unusual for him if I take him to a dinner, etc. My friends & I love, loving on each other’s babies too! It’s also great to plan things in a variety of ways: 1 on 1, small groups, or big groups!

Host fun things! Holidays are a great time to get the girls together: Galentines, Christmas parties, birthdays, etc. There’s always a fun excuse to get the girls together!

Walking! There is nothing like simple girl time and girl chats while walking or being outdoors! Lots of life convos happen this way!


Okay! Those are my tips for planning girl nights and time with friends! I’m so thankful for each of my girly pops!

**My next blog post will be up on Friday!**

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