Motivation Monday: Remove the Scarlet Letter

Happy Monday, Friends!!

It is the first Monday in March!

Today, I wanted to share a devotion that I recently read in my new Devotional book:

You can shop my devotional book, here:

Be Still

The devotional, I wanted to share is called, “Remove the Scarlet Letter”:

I think this one resonates with me because I just lost my Dad.

You can read more about that, here:

Fly High Dad

He struggled with addiction and it did make things hard. God repeatedly says though, “Don’t let your weaknesses define you. Use it for the good in your future.”

I know my Dad is completely healed and I know he loved the Lord. Jesus really can make all things new.

Jesus also didn’t let this situation defeat any of us. I know we are stronger for having gone through watching a family member struggle.

For me, I know it brought me closer to Jesus (I talked about that in my blog post I linked above) and I know it made me compassionate toward others and be able to empathize with people.

Even recently, God has taught me so much more about grace and what it means to show people grace!

How can your past shape your future? I motivate you today, to not let your past burden you, but instead use it for good!

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