Motivation Monday: Strength

Happy March 1st, Friends!!!

Ahh! A brand new month, a brand new week, (almost) a brand new season- so many possibilities!

The first day of the month begins on a Monday so it’s only fitting that today’s blog post is a Motivation Monday post!

Today, let’s talk about, strength.


Let’s focus on inner strength today. Where does your inner strength come from?

When I opened up my devotion book this morning:Β A Prayer a Day for Mothers , the new word for the month was strength.

(This devotion takes a new word each month and the prayers that month are focused around that word. I always go through the verses/ prayers in the devotion then open up my Bible to that specific verse & dive a little deeper.)

Today’s devotion was so good that I wanted to share it with you:

Just the verse alone, “He gives strength to the faint and strengthens the powerless. Isaiah 40:29” reminds me that my strength comes from the Lord & from the Lord alone.

The Lord really does calm me and He gives me peace. That also gives me strength to carry on.

It’s so easy to get anxious about life, to- do lists, the constant tasks of day to day- but when you give all of your battles over to the Lord, you feel a sense of strength, knowing that He is in control.

I also liked the reminder in the prayer today, that to- do lists and things can wait. Don’t miss out on the joy of your children or whatever is happening right in front of you, because you’re worried about so many chores that need to be done. I think we could all use that reminder- not to miss out on life!

So today, leave here motivated by the Lord who brings inner strength to all who are weary!

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