Feelin’ the Love

I hope everyone had the BEST Valentine weekend with their loved ones!

This year, I was really feeling the love!

My little love bug!

We had the best weekend with our new little Valentine!

Brewer is just the sweetest baby and we love him so much!!


I LOVE HOLIDAYS! ALL of them. Every single one.

To me, Valentine’s Day is just a fun day! Of course, Harry & I show each other daily, that we love each other but Valentine’s Day is just a fun day to be cheesy, eat extra sweets, and spend extra time with your loved ones! I love the sweetness/ goofiness of Valentine’s Day! It’s just fun and can be full of surprises.

We had a sweet, fun, cozy/ cold Valentine weekend at home!


The morning of Valentine’s Day, we watched church online and Harry surprised me with hot & ready Krispy Kreme doughnuts! Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day more than that, right? lol

He also surprised me with pink roses to brighten up my island in the kitchen!

I guess you can call me Cupid, lol! I had little surprises for all of the boys in this big red basket on Valentine morning!

Harry gave me this little guy when we were dating! This year, we gave it to Brewer for Valentine’s Day & I tied a big red bow around it. I found a cute little book to go with it!

I love having holiday books around the house- even more now that we have a baby!

This book is currently on sale on Amazon Prime for $3.99: Biscuit’s Valentines Day

Heart Rope Dog Toys

Heart rope toys for the pup pups!

I surprised Harry with a bottle of wine and a little “dad” keychain and I included a photo of him & Brewer!

Find it here: Dad Keychain


It was a cold, rainy Valentine Day, so we stayed snuggled up inside most of the day!

My family came to visit Brewer that afternoon!!

That evening, we had Chinese take- out for dinner! It’s sorta became a tradition to get Chinese food on Valentine’s Day for us!

We spent the rest of the evening, cuddling our sweet boy!

Valentine’s Day is never a fancy day but it’s a fun yet simple day for us that I LOVE!


Speaking of love, I feel like God has taught me so much about love in the 3 short weeks that I have become a mom!

I love our sweet baby more than I could ever express & to think that God loves each of us more than that.. just wow! I can’t even comprehend.

I’m going to love Brewer through every single stage of his life and God shows us that same love, even when it’s hard. It makes me want to spread that same kind of love to everyone around me. Not for my benefit but all for HIs glory! He has blessed my life immensely!

“Love means doing what God has commanded us and He has commanded us to love one another.” 2 John 1:6

P.S., I took a little break from blog world lately as we got settled in with Brewer! I plan on getting back to a normal routine of blogging 2X a week! Catch me back here tomorrow! 🙂

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