Tell All Tuesday: How I plan an Itinerary for Vaca


Who else is in need of a VACA!!!

Since things are inching back toward normal (sort of), i’m really really hoping that we can take a vaca this summer, even if  it’s somewhere close to home!!


Who else is a planner around here? I am a planner through and through!! Even when it comes to Vaca!! Now, don’t get me wrong. When I plan an itinerary for Vaca, I still leave it flexible and leave time available to do whatever we choose!

BUT, I like to have an itinerary to make sure we get to do and see all of the things!!

Today, I thought I’d share how I plan for Vaca by using an itinerary I used last summer when we spent a week in Charleston (our favorite place to visit):


A few things that go into my planning:


– While on Vaca, I like to RELAX so you see a lot “beach it.” That’s pretty much what we do during the day time is, “beach it” if we’re visiting a beach.


– BUT I also like to go and do! I like to sight see and do the popular things in the area. I try to research prior to going on a trip and include some popular places to see on an itinerary.

-While some touristy things are okay, I also want to do what the locals do! As you can see on the list above, we visited the local farmers market in Charleston last summer.

-When it comes to shopping, I like to find some of the local boutiques to shop when I’m in a new area!


-Let’s talk food! I always research places prior to going out of town so we have reservations! Nothing is worse than waiting an hour on a table while on Vaca. Reservations is key! Sometime’s we cook at the beach house, sometimes we visit touristy restaurants, or sometimes we find cute, small, local places that we can walk to for dinner!

-We usually buy groceries for breakfast so we can wake up, grab a muffin & fruit, and hit the beach! BUT I do like to go out for breakfast at least once while we’re out of town! You’ll see that on last year’s itinerary.


– I even included “Coconut Joes” on the itinerary. That’s a little beach bar that we walk too! I make sure to write things like that as well as, walks on the beach, so the week doesn’t come to an end without forgetting to do those things!!

– When in Charleston, we always see our best friends who live there!! So we always plan that ahead too so we can plan on a night they are free!


Okay, what am I forgetting!! How do y’all plan vaca!! Please share your tips and tricks!!




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